About Us.

We turn derelict city spaces into beautiful organic gardens that feed the community.

We are a non-profit organization that transforms barren city spaces into thriving, productive, organic gardens. The organic produce is given to local schools and hunger - relief organizations for distribution within the community.

Our vision of a healthy world is one where sustainable, organically grown food is the only option - not a pricey alternative. We believe that every person, regardless of their economic circumstances, deserves access to abundant, affordable, safe, healthy, organic produce. Unfortunately, eating organic has become a luxury that millions of families simply can't afford. We're doing our part to change that.


Our cause is two-fold. The future of our planet depends on changing our 'business as usual' attitude towards food production. Employing organic growing methods is a critical component to the long-term sustainability of our eco-system. For most of us, affecting change is as simple as switching to buying organic produce at the supermarket. Still, for millions of low-income families who lack access to affordable, safe, healthy, organically grown food - organic eating isn't an option for them unless we help make it one.

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CASE STUDY: City Terrace Orchards East L.A.

We're transforming 3 acres of vacant land in East L.A. into a beautiful, productive, organic orchard.

Established in 2012, City Terrace Orchards is the first Agrarian Organics Urban Gardens project to be up and running. Located near a busy interchange in East Los Angeles, this once desolate landscape is being resurrected into a lush orchard of organic banana and citrus trees.

Once harvested, the organic fruit will be given to local hunger-relief and community outreach organizations to be distributed to low-income families in the area who lack access to safe, affordable, organic produce.